Taken || Voldemort and Minerva

It all seemed like a dream. So surreal…

One moment Minerva was standing inside the cloth shoppe in Hogsmeade making purchase orders for the twins’ outfits and the next she’s lying on stone floor in a dark cell, magically bound in chains to the wall. 

The pain emanating from the right side of her head let her know she had been injured in whatever struggle there was. Most likely a well aimed curse knocked her out. It would be her luck to go out so naiively after spending many weeks in Hogwarts during the summer months, planning and preparing for the arrival of Aubrey and Adrian. Bed rest had long since been order as she was due to give birth close between the end of August to mid-September and it was only mid-July. 

Minerva sat up groggily, one hand holding her propped up on the floor as the other searched her person for her wand, only coming to settle down on her belly to feel the twins actively kicking. For that she was grateful, but without her wand and any hope, things were about to get more uncomfortable. 

She could not bring herself to cry over her plight. She knew not where she was and the last thing she needed to be was weak. Leaning against the cool stone wall she waited patiently for her captor to make himself known.